Cashdro Singapore | Accentuate Update – No Endorsement

Cashdro 3 Demo Video on Youtube

Message To Reader

Dear Readers,

You might have pondered upon this page because of my Youtube Demo Video on Cashdro products and services. The video above might be the reason you landed here.

It is true that at one point Accentuate is reselling Cashdro products and services.

We no longer sell, nor represent, nor endorse Cashdro products.

Please DO NOT send us anymore email for support or purchase enquiries specific to Cashdro. We do not sell them anymore.

Reason As To Why?

This is a business decision that Accentuate has made as a company and we do not want to make any further comments. Thank you.

What happens to existing client?

If you are wondering what is going to happen to our existing client; We are a responsible company and we do take every client seriously. Our client who have bought from us will definitely continue to receive support.

Do you have other products similar to Cashdro?

Yes we do, in fact we are now in the process of negotiating a separate deal from another company. We will update you as soon as we make progress. If you are interested to find out more on this new initiative (Cash Recycling Machine as a service) please drop us an enquiry on the right side of this page.

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  1. Derrick Lee

    Dear Ken,
    We are sourcing for a automatic cash recycling machine.
    Please contact me for a quotation of demostration

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