Website Maintenance

From: $1,176.00 now,
then from $1,176.00 / year

Product Description

Services Included

  1. Web Hosting Included
  2. SSL renewal when it expires
  3. Increased backups to 180 daily recoverable or a maximum storage of 25 GB, whichever is lower.
  4. Client may upgrade their hosting storage with us with a top up to the maintenance
  5. Hardened WordPress
  6. Speed Up Website
  7. Regular Plugin Updates
  8. Regular Security Patches
  9. Reporting of Broken Links
  10. Website Uptime Report
  11. Monthly Maintenance Report (7th of each mth)

Website Security and Preventive Measures

  1. Banned Users, IP Ban lists, automatically include known malicious ip addresses
  2. Local Brute Force Protection
  3. Network Brute Force Protection
  4. Hardened Admin Panel
  5. Blacklist IP address of persistently offending computer
  6. While Listing of IP address upon client request
  7. 404 detection: Lock out potentially malicious attacks
  8. File Change Detection; Cycle Scanning
  9. File Permission to follow Accentuate best practise
    • Ownership as well as Read, Write, Execute Access
  10. 2nd factor authentication for Admins
  11. Prevent access to System Files that are unnecessary to public
  12. Disable Directory Browsing to public
  13. Filter Request Methods & Suspicious Query Strings in URL
  14. If site is in single English language, we will filter out non-english character requests
  15. Disable comments that is not generated through the use of a browser
  16. Disable XML-RPC if there is no external integration
  17. Security Log File up to 30 Days
  18. Upgrade to 180 days @ additional $50 per month (Optional)

Note: These are preventive measures and they do not guarantee that your website will not be compromised. In the even that your website is compromised, you agree not to hold Accentuate Pte Ltd responsible for any losses or damage to your business.

For existing website, a site audit will be conducted before taking over and commencing of maintenance services. Should the Accentuate Pte ltd decide not to take on the website maintenance, a refund will be made.

All website built by Accentuate Pte Ltd shall be eligible for maintenance.

Product Quantity

Website Maintenance Duration


Security Log Plus – optional

With this service, Accentuate Pte Ltd Keeps your Security Logs for up to 180 days.
When necessary, you may request for these logs so that it can be studied.