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This Market Has Half a Solution

Cash automation; Cash Collection and Change Dispensing is the answer to automation problems today. While most business owners have understood the power of automation through self service kiosk; Many of them only bought half the solution. After implementation, they quickly realised that there is a handful of clients who prefer to pay by cash. - Are you ready to turn them away?

We are confident that cash transactions aren't going to evaporate in the next 10 years; At least not in Singapore. This is due to the strength of our currency as well as low to no counterfeit Singapore dollars.

Software Developers Don't Befriend Hardwares

As we may already know - Many software developers, while they can be great and highly experienced, do not enjoy working with hardware. It is difficult to integrate, control, troubleshoot, maintain and there is a high cost to fabricate and try out these devices. In many occasions, the introduction of hardware may cause your software processes to stop working and set you back for deployment.

It is extremely difficult to troubleshoot and to debug. This is the biggest push factor for software developers.

Solution for Software Developers

Accentuate has developed a technology where you may simply add a few lines of codes into your existing software and be ready to command your hardware like a pro. We offer developers a sit in our office to do integration with our hardware, try it out before you commit to buy it.

As you are trying to integrate with our machines, our engineers will be around to offer you any assistance or advise as and when you require them. If you are a solutions provider and that is interesting to you, please do not hesitate to submit the contact form on the right side of this page!

Overseas Factories Can Be A Problem

Great Suppliers and Manufacturers are just not in Singapore.

This essentially increased the barrier of entry to the hardware markets. Not only would you need to test out the hardwares, you need to coordinate, communicate, draw, discuss, trust, manufacture, test, rework, assemble, reassemble, ship, store, and build what you have in mind.

It is a lot of work and it is no fun!

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

Accentuate has established a great working relationship with the vendors of Japan, Australia as well as China. We work with our own contract factory and we fabricate parts ourselves to fit the Singapore needs.

Our latest Cash Recycling Machine comes in 3 separate yet attachable components. Different permutations gives you different solutions.

Cash Recycling Component

This component is a stand alone component that allows you to take in notes and coins and also dispense relevant amount of change to your clients.

Contact us to find our more.

Touch Screen Component

If you are looking to complete the cash recycling machine into a full fledge cash accepting self service kiosk. Then this configuration is the one to go for. This would be the coolest machine you can lay your hands on.

Detachable Feet

This machine comes with detachable feet. If you prefer to create a recession in your cabinet to fit the cash recycling component, you may opt to buy it without the feet.

If you prefer to have this machine standing on the ground, then buy it with this addon!

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