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Invoice Software has become an essential piece of equipment to businesses; Big or small. Over the years, Accentuate has seen companies grew from paper to excel sheets to enterprise software. Business owners are sharp and smart; They made the change only because it clearly improves productivity and clarity to their business.

On this page, we are going to explore the capabilities of our Invoicing Software.

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Features and Functions

Client and Vendor Management

Now, We already have this covered in the CRM/Sales portion of the software. Why do we still need this in the module? Don't you think that it is totally redundant?

Yes, we do have it in CRM/Sales Module. However, consider this, when your business grows bigger, you will have multiple departments. There will be sales department as well as accounts department. You may not want your sales person to have access to invoicing and also you may not want your administrators to have access to sales related items.

So there you go. Each department must have their own tools to make edits as well as to create new clients and vendors.

Quotation to Invoice

Since our software is all fully integrated, it would be wrong not to have these integrated. If you have issued quotations to client, you will be happy to know that with the click of a button, you will be able to convert them into invoices!

Not just that. You may choose to bill them progressively!

Invoice Management

Obviously, this is the core function of this module. To be exact, this module allows you to create, edit and delete invoices. In some scenarios, Invoices are better triggered from the Sales Module due to Stock movements. So Yes, this module is really easy to use. Very user friendly, no big vocabulary; What you see is what you get.

Invoice Templates

Choose from a handful of templates and see which fits your company best. Change the colour theme if you don't like the default colour that comes with it. Personalize it to the way you want.

Collecting and Making Payments

Here comes the most important part of business! Collecting payments! Well, making payment is not that fun, but necessary. Its really easy to use these functions as they are always just a few clicks away.

Paypal Integration

One of the ways to get the payment as quickly as possible is to allow client as many options to make the payment as possible. While cheque payments are great, they can be a pain to collect.

Why don't you allow Our Invoicing module allows you the option to collect payments from your client through paypal. That means that your client has the option to pay you with their credit cards in the comfort of their chair!

Get paid quickly!

Tracking Payments

The advantage of using a software is to have information at your finger tips. Track your payments as well as your client's payments. In many occasion, client tend to make partial payments. This is where our Invoicing Software becomes really useful. It will never forget any outstanding payments!

Payment Terms

It is a standard for companies to issue invoices with a payment term. You can create as many payment terms as you need and assign them to your clients. Some companies practices loyalty privileges where if you are a long term client, you will get a longer payment term. Which ever the case, now you longer have to worry about selecting the wrong payment term for your client any more! The system will remember it for you.

Outsourced Accounting?

If you are looking to outsource your accounting work?
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