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Inventory Management System, is a necessity if you were to operate a business with inventory. If you are in the distributing business, you would know exactly what I am saying. Inventory can be a nightmare.

Did you know that most businessman dont know how much inventory they have in their business? They also do not know how much their inventory are worth.

My question is, if you don't know how much your inventory is worth, how can you buy any form of insurance or protection?

How can the insurer know how much to cover you in times of disaster?

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Features and Functions

Easy To Use

Unlike any other Inventory software, our software is easy to use and it uses simple english. What you see is what you get.

Product Management

Our Inventory system has a great product management user interface where it allows you to pre-set many details relating to the products.

  • Unit of Measure (Buy & Sell in different Units)
  • Selling Price
  • Purchasing Price (Difference Vendor Different Price)
  • Product Type
  • Product Category
  • And Many More

Product Type

The truth of the matter is that there are so many types of products. These generally consist of Stockable product as well as Service Products. Use these to differentiate your products. One triggers inventory valuation, the other does not.

Insert Cool Pictures

Why not? We have this feature because we can.

(Coming soon) Very soon, we will allow you to include Pictures in your Quotation, Sales Orders, Invoicing, as well as Delivery Orders to include pictures for each line items.

This will be very useful for industry that sells products that goes by code names. Such as Nuts and Bolts. If you do not see a picture, you may not know what you are buying.

Barcode Management

If you deal with reputable products, they would usually come with a registered barcode. More than often its in the form of EAN13. Our system supports the use of various barcode standards, so you will be able to just scan in the codes if you have a scanner.

Apart from these products that already have barcodes, you may click a button and the system will automatically generate and allocate random barcodes to those that does not already have one.

This will save you lots of time. Next you just need to print them out and stick it to places that are convenient for you.

Product Variants

One of the most irritating things to do during system implementation is to key in product details. Trust me, with our variant module, it would make this job so much less tiring.

You can create Variant Types and the system will automatically create all the permutations.

For example:
Colour: Red, Blue, Green
Size: Small, Medium, Large

You only need to indicate within the system that this products has the above variant; The system will do the rest. Each variant can have its own quantity as well as barcode.

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Manage Multiple Location

If you have multiple outlets or you plan to open up more outlets, you will need a way to know and track where all your inventory are.

Create as many locations as you need and organize your inventory the way you have always dreamed of.

Know and see your inventory with the click of one mouse button.

Lots & Serial Numbers

Many business has the requirement to track Lots. Some of these traits includes F&B, Confectionery and Manufacturing. Lots allows you to define attributes to each batch of deliveries.

These attributes could be expiry dates, versions, etc. This also allows you to make sure that each time a product is being sold, it is take from the correct batch.

Stock Taking

Stock taking is really man power intensive. Some business would have to stop activities for a few days just to take stocks. With our system, you may do your stock taking by "departments" or Categories.

There is no need to do it all at once. Stock taking can be a progressive task to be done based on your company policies.

Stock Taking - Accounting Entries

Theses are some perks of using an ERP Software. Our Inventory Module is fully integrated with Inventory Accounting Module. When you do your normal stock taking, accounting entries are automatically done for you.

You will always have your latest Inventory Valuation as well as Balance Sheet.

Double Entry Movement

Have you at some point in time ask yourself, why are these items here in this location? Track and trace the movement of all your inventory and find out who was the one who moved it.

All movement in our system uses double entries. You will know where it originated and where it ended up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on weather you want to track your inventory. If inventory whereabouts is something you would like to know at your fingertips, then this software is for you.

This Module is part of ERP Software. If you subscribe to our ERP Sofware, you will have access to these features.

No. This is the software you will need. Even if you have only a small retail stall, we would still highly encourage using this software. There are not many software out there in the market that do what we do at this price!

To be honest, our software is great at many things. We are able to create and track Corridors, Shelves, Levels, as well as Bins. However we are not as comprehensive as some of the specialized WMS software out there.

But hey! We do not cost you a million dollars to start!

We do collaborate with some vendors to implement comprehensive solutions with automated shelves. You will however need to submit as a customized software inquiry.

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