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Accounting Software comes in many different shapes and sizes. Some are off the shelves, some are software as a services, some are a hybrid of both. But they all share one common trait; Most accounting software are standalone. That means they are really good at keeping accounts, but they are quite a loner. They are not integrated with CRM software, Inventory Software or HR Software. So what many business end up doing is that they would have to purchase separate software to manage different departments. Lets forget about the money they spend. Having multiple software would mean having to copy and paste these data into each of them. Can you image creating the same client 3 times over in 3 different software?

How good would it be if we can just have everything fully integrated together!

Well, look no further! Accentuate's Accounting Software is exactly what you are looking for. An accounting software that has it all fitted together. With CRM, Sales, Inventory, Human Resource. Say good bye to double entries.

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Features and Functions


Since our software has fully integrated so many modules together, this is the least you would expect. Most of the basic entries are in fact automated for you.

I would be surprised if the company admins or accountants need to key in an invoice manually. Most should be auto triggered from a confirmed Sales Order.

Chart Of Accounts

Another familiar concept to many. We allow flexibility in your account code entries. Use as many characters as you need using a combination Alphanumeric characters.

Label and manage your Chart in your ideal way.

Asset Management and Depreciation

In our Software, you are able to create asset classes. Depending on your needs [different country may manage these assets differently] you may preset for each asset class, what kind of depreciation rates you would like to use.

  • Depreciate over how many years
  • Journal entries on a monthly basis or yearly basis

If you have configured these settings correctly, the system will generate automated journal entries to take in depreciation. All you need to do is to double check it and post the entries.

Outsourced Accounting?

If you are looking to outsource your accounting work?
Please talk to us to find out more.

Drill Down Reports

Are you sick and tired of standard reporting formats?

Accentuate Accounting Module gives you the flexibility to do drill down reports. Decide what you would like to see on the X & Y axis and you will be surprised how much more perspective you can get out of your data.

Unlimited Journals

We do not limit to the number of journals you can create nor do we limited the number of transactions you may have.


If you trade with overseas vendors or clients, chances are that you will need to receive payments or make payments using a foreign currency. This is also automatically done for you within our system through exchange gain and loss.

Imagine you receive an invoice of USD$1,000 today and the day's exchange rate is 1.4. This will mean that when you make your journal entries and it will look like this:

Credit Accounts Payable $1,400 [After Conversion]
Debit Expenses $1,400

By the time you make actual payments to your supplier 7 days later, the exchange rate now has dropped to 1.3. What this means is that you will need to make a "lesser" payment [$1,300] to the vendor. However, your accounts payable has already been credited with $1,400. So in this case, our system will automatically make the following entry for you:

Credit Cash $1,300
Debit Accounts Payable $1,300

Credit Exchange Gain or Loss $100
Debit Accounts Payable $100

As you can see the above are all automated for you. All you need to do is to indicate the relevant exchange rates you are working with in our system and our system will do the rest of the job.

Bank Reconciliation

Accentuate uses one of the most straight forward method in accounting to achieve this task. While we are now building a module to automate the importing of transaction lines from the banks directly; This method may regularly have usability issue each time the bank upgrades their interfaces.

Therefore currently Accentuate Accounting has decided to stick to our conventional method where we import the transaction lines from Bank Chart Of Account and from there you will tick and match the lines to match with your bank statement.


Accentuate is a Singapore company and therefore we already have our default taxation rules preset in the software. It also comes with GST form 5 report so that you may make GST submissions with ease!

Registering for GST?

Like we have mentioned, as a software tailored to the Singapore Market, we have the necessary reporting format you would need to submit to IRAS for GST registeration.

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Automatic Reverse Entries

Made a mistake? With the click of a button, they system automatically generates reverse entries for you!

Cost Center/Analytics Accounting

This is one of the most powerful tool we have in the system. We allow you to assign each cost and revenue into analytic accounts.

You may use this to acheive project P&L or you may simply use this feature to measure your department cost incurred.

Double Entry, Accrual Accounting

Most countries practice accrual-based accounting. We support double entry; In fact the each entry our system system perform is a double entry.

Coming Soon

As we launch our Human Resource Module soon, you will be very happy that we are going to fully integrate our payroll system with accounting too! This may save a lot of your precious time!

Needs Tax Configuration?

Not all of us are from Singapore. You may require some form of configurations to be done for your country or state. Do drop us a message and we will see how we may further assist you.

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