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Cloud ERP Solution is becoming a commonly seen software in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). There are many reasons to its growing popularity; Some of which are more obvious than the others. This page discuss about the pros and cons of using a cloud infrastructure based ERP Software as compared to traditional deployment. If you are looking to learn more about our cloud based ERP Software and its features, you should proceed to our ERP Software page instead.

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Components of a Cloud ERP Solution

Cloud Application Servers

For most users, you may imagine this to be like your normal computer that makes all your software and application works. The only difference in this case, this that this computer serve only 1 purpose: To operate your Cloud Enterprise Software. As you can imagine, since it powers only 1 software all the time, it will be fast and furious.

Cloud Relational Databases

Every software needing to remember data requires some form of database. You can imagine database to be a form of storage. In this scenario, a very powerful and neatly organized storage; Solely used to remember your business data. Relational Database means that In each component of the storage, if the information is related to another component, it will make a digital reference and therefore it creates easy and lightning speed searches. This technology puts business information at your finger tips.

Web Server

Imagine a Web Server to be like your everyday GPS. You punch in the Web Link into your web browser [You will be given this link after you register an account with us] and the Web Server will guide your web browser to the correct destination to access your software.

Other Components

Other components that make Accentuate's Online Solution great are things like load balancing, mirroring, auto-backups, disaster recovery backups, security patches, and many more. Accentuate is consistently looking for new ways to serve our clients better.

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Advantages of using a Cloud Solution

Scalable Resources

This is probably one of the main reason why engineers in the modern IT world uses cloud solutions. In the past, if you would like to buy and use a piece of software, the easiest way is to install it onto your computer. That would mean that your software would have access only to your computer's resources such as Hard Disk, Ram, CPU, etc. If your usage of the software increases and requires a much larger resource such as Hard Disk Space, you will most likely need to Backup and migrate your data to a newer and larger Hard Disk. This can be very expensive when it comes to highly sophisticated server components. With the use of cloud based computing, you no longer need to purchase these expensive hardware yourself. You merely need to lease it from us for as long as you are using our service. If you require much bigger resources, it is as simple as contacting our support and we shall allocate more resources to your solution at a minimal monthly fee increment.

Web Based Solution

Designer firms would always encounter huge problems when it comes to implementing ERP Software [Enterprise Resource Planning] as many of them would be a Mac OS instead of Windows. Today, with Cloud ERP Solutions, you will never have to worry about what Operating System you are on. As long as you have a web browser [Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc], you are good to go! Accentuate ERP operates 100% on a web browser. And yes! I hear what you are thinking to yourself; You can have access to your software worldwide as long as you have an Internet connection.

Not only do you have the flexibility of using any OS you love; Implementing of ERP Software no longer requires complex installation and configuration of hardware anymore! Load up your web browser and there you go. This also means that you do not need to have the latest computer with the best component to operate this software. An average 3 year old computer with google chrome will do just fine.

Easy Integration with other software or hardware

A Cloud Based Web Application design follows the good practice of Model, View Controller as well as Object Oriented Programming. This means that programmers build features and functions on a modular basis [plugins]. Each function, feature, or component can be built separately as a standalone module to be installed only when needed. In cases where client requires Customer Software Development, our Cloud Based Solution would be the idea match; Building on top of an existing software would always be more affordable than reinventing the wheel.

Reduced Hardware and Maintenance Cost

Since you are using Accentuate's Hosting service for both Application as well as Database, there is essentially no need to buy any hardware other than your own computer or laptop. There is no need to hire a technician because there are no servers to maintain or database to backup. Accentuate would have done all these backups for you. All Subscription Packages comes with our basic daily backups of up to 14 days.

Outsourced Complex Server related skills

Business is challenging in itself. The last thing you would need is to learn how to configure your server; setup up that database; Maximize the RAM, CPU; making sure that the backups are running. Lets not forget about troubleshooting when a problem happens. Our Cloud Solution takes care of all these issues so that you may focus on things that really matters: Revenue!

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Frequently Asked Questions

With all honesty, since your data is hosted with us; Yes we have access to all your data. However, we reassure you that these data are not being utilized to for any personal gains and we do not share or release any of these data. Your data is safe with us.

No you do not. Accentuate treats security to be a very serious issue and we do our best to make sure that your data and services do not get compromised. They are deployed with security in mind right from day one.

No, you are not. ERP Software is a complex software. We set up new and stand alone servers to host only your software. Each client has their own server and IP address. There is no way your information or data is going to be mixed up with any of the other client.

Yes there is. Each server is given up to 25GB of SSD storage. This storage is used for your operating system, software as well as data. If you exceed in usage, you may make additional payments to increase it. It is very rare that it happens; If it does, you may contact our customer service through the live chat here.

We do daily backups each day at around 1am in the morning. A copy is kept locally, and another is kept remotely for disaster recovery.

Yes you may, that will be a case to case basis and is to be treated as a custom solution. You may refer to our

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