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Bookmark this page if you find it useful!  Remember to like us on Facebook! The pandemic has caused lots of damage to businesses as well as individuals. As Governments around the world lock down cities and travel, the need to communicate with your clients, friends, and colleagues over video calls have become ever more important. Luckily, online meetings have become…


8 Things To Look Out For When You Build A Website

Here are the 10 Things that you should consider when you are building your website. If you are outsourcing the work; It is wise not to assume that your vendor will consider these items for you. It is always good to know why these are important so that you can ask your vendors the right questions. Great Content Management System…


Complex Unit Of Measure

Learn How Unit of Measure Simplifies Inventory Management Buy And Sell In Different Unit Knowing how many of an item is easy. However, the complexity comes in when you are in the retail or distribution trade. For example, if you place an order of Coca-cola with your supplier, you don't send them a Purchase Order [PO] to buy 100 cans of…


Product Creation | Video Training

Accentuate Video Training | Learn how to create products Create a ProductEasy like ABC Different Type Of ProductsService, Consumable, Stockable Assign A Selling PriceStart making some money Subscribe And Improve Your Business Output Today! There is no better time to get started than now! ERP Subscription Rates or CRM Subscription Rates

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Retail Store Solution [QnA]

Clients on premium support enjoys QnA being replied in a recorded video Promotion Learn how to set promotional period for your products. Kitting Learn how to sell a few products as a package. How to kit them together and how to de-kit them and return to inventory. Inventory Learn how to see your stock movement and how to generate monthly…


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