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CRM SAAS is probably the next best option for a starting up business. Who doesn't want to have the best software they can lay their hands on? Well, lets be realistic. Every business starts off small and grow bigger over time. So as much as it makes total sense to start directly with a full fledged ERP Software, Accentuate do recognize that there are Micro and Small businesses out there who are very tight on budget. Every dollar counts when it comes to business!

So instead of pushing you away, we have decided to design a package just for clients who wants to start with just a CRM Solution. This will tailor directly to your needs and yet not burst your budget.

You will also be very happy to know that we have thrown in our Invoicing Software for you in this package too! What good is a CRM without the ability to issue invoices and track client payments from the quotations you have created?

The good news is; If you are a service based business... This might be the only solution you need in a long long time!

But hey! What if you decide to expand in near future, and you require our full fledged solution with all the neat modules that we have? No problem! You can always contact our customer service for an upgrade to an ERP SAAS Package any time!

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Per User Packages

CRM - Classic SaaS

$50 /User /Mth
  • We all start small and grow big. This package allows micro SMEs to start using a decent software right from day one.

CRM - Classic Yearly Promo

$550 User /Year
  • We love clients who go all out! And for that we reward you with 1 months worth of free usage each year!

Unlimited User Packages

CRM - Pay As You Go!

$400 /month
  • Nothing is certain in business. We offer you our service as and when you need it and as and when you can afford it. No Strings attached!

CRM - Value For Money!

$4,400 /Year
  • We love clients who go all out! And for that we reward you with 1 months worth of free usage each year!

Awesome Accentuate CRM Features

We belief we are one of the most comprehensive CRM in the region

Software Subscription

Includes these features


Unlimited Users

User Friendly

Web Based

No Complex Installation

Work On Windows & Mac

Daily Backups For Up To 30 Days

30 Days Money Back Guarantee For First Time Client


Customer Management

Includes these features


Unlimited Customer Creation

Individual & Company

Unlimited Contacts Per Company

Unlimited Location Per Company

Unique Contact Detail For Contact & Location

Assign Unique Price List To Customer

Set Warning Or Block Customer Sales


Sales Management

Includes these features


Beautiful Dashboard

Sales Order Status

Create Multiple Sales Teams

Personalized Pipeline Stages

Use Price List For Price Modification

% Discounts On Sales Order Lines


Quotation Management

Includes these features


Unlimited Quotations

Click And Choose Products

Duplicate Existing Quotation With A Click

Auto-load Product Description

Tax Inclusive/Exclusive

Display Total Amount In Words

Full Audit Trail

Allow Invoice Address

Allow Delivery Address

Send Quotation Through Email

Print Quotation In PDF

Upload Relevant Documents

Several Templates to Choose From

Personalize With Own Company Logo


Product Management

Includes these features


Unlimited Products

Internal Reference Code

Capture Product Barcode

Insert Product Picture

Selling Price

Cost Price

Product Variant

Variant Add-On Price

Activate/De-Activate Product

Set Warning Or Block Product Sales


Price List Management

Includes these features


Unlimited Price List

Set Price Based On % Discount

Set Price Based On % Mark Ups

Base Price On Cost/Selling Price

Set Price List Effective Period

Use Complex Formula For Price List

Nesting Of Price List


Invoice Management

Includes these features


Unlimited Invoice Creation

Turn Quotation To Invoice With A Click

Partial Invoicing Of Quotation

Include Or Exclude Taxes

Include Payment Terms & Conditions

Custom Payment Terms & Conditions

Several Templates To Choose From

Auto Running Number

Show Unpaid Clients With A Click

Invoice In Foreign Currencies


Payment Management

Includes these features


Full Traceability Of Payment

Payment By Cheque, Cash, Bank Transfer

Tracks Partial Payment

Reprint Invoice With Outstanding Payment

Show Unpaid Client With A Click

One Cheque For Multiple Invoice

Collect Payment in Foreign Currencies


Accounting Management

Includes these features


Unlimited Journals

Unlimited Journal Entries

Automated Entries through Invoicing

Manual Journal Entries

Bank Reconciliation

Standard Accounting Reports

Profit & Loss

Balance Sheet

Singapore GST Form 5

Aged Receivables

Aged Payables

Trial Balance

General Ledger

Multi Currencies


Pay As You Go, Grow As You Go

Pay As You Go
Grow As You Go

Accentuate Subscription 30 Days Guarantee

Not only do we want to make it real easy for clients to make a decision through simple pricing model and packages. It is at Accentuate's Core to make sure that our clients are satisfied with our products and services.

Go ahead and subscribe to our software! Choose any package!

For whatever reason it is; If you decide that this solution is not for you, you may cancel your subscription anytime! We will not ask you irritating questions or make you take any surveys.

If you are a brand new client within 30 days of signup, We will do a 100% refund!

Now, we have made it simple, and risk free for you! So, what are you waiting for?

Satisfaction Gauranteed

Note: This applies to clients who are not using 1 month free trial

Accentuate does not like complex pricing models. We belief in simplicity so that our clients know exactly what they are buying and paying for and they get exactly what they need. In fact it saves us time from explaining to clients about the packages.

So. What do we have for you?


Pay As You Go: Monthly Plan

Value For Money: Yearly Plan (Save 8% Per Year!)


That's all! All features and functions of CRM Software will be included in these 2 packages! The only difference is: If you are willing to trust us and commit 1 year of payment; Accentuate will reciprocate by giving you 2 months worth of complimentary subscription yearly!

You can discover our included features here!

What To Expect After Signing Up

Wait For Confirmation Email

You will receive your training video login account within the next 1 hr

Watch Training Video

While you wait for your CRM Super User Account, go ahead and start watching some training videos to prepare for your new journey.

CRM Super User Account

You will receive your CRM Software login details within 48 hrs

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