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ERP Software [Enterprise Resource Planning] is no longer the game play of the big and mighty corporations. As technology grows to become more advance; Cloud technology starts to emerge. This has given the average SMEs more computing power than they can imagine. What this means is that a micro business with a head count of just 3 can also comfortably afford the use of world class business management software!

Long gone are the days where only big corporations have all the powerful leverage. Technology is here to level the playing field! Accentuate Pte Ltd is here to level the playing field.

With Accentuate, you do not loose out in the game of business management using great software.


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Fully Integrated Software Modules

Fully Integrated Software Modules are what makes our business software solution powerful. Information and data are shared between all modules seamlessly and does not require you to make multiple entries multiple times. This means that if you have created a list of clients in our CRM Software and you want to Issue an invoice now using our Invoice Software; There is not need to recreate that same client and their relevant details. Simply select from a drop down box and you are good to go!

Let me give you another example: If you are selling products in your retail store using our POS System [Point of Sales], the correct product quantity will automatically be deducted from our Inventory Software and journal entries will automatically entered into our Accounting Software. This means that when you take 1 action in the system; Our Enterprise Solution is intelligent enough to know what other entries it needs to make. This will save you tremendous amount of time from the boring and mundane data entries.

Think about it! It will also save you a lot of money when you try to hire an accountant to file your taxes! Because you have all your books in place! Because you are using our ERP Software to manage your business.

Features Of Accentuate ERP Solution

Probably The Only Software You Will Need For A Very Long Time

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CRM Software

CRM [Customer Relationship Management] Software is one of many key components to a business. Every business hope to personalize customer experience to their clients.

You may only do that if you have a powerful relationship management software that remembers your client's likes and dislikes. Information captured in this Module are shared among all other relevant modules. There is no need to do double entries.

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Quotation Software

We are not in business to build warm fuzzy relationships. At some point in time, every salesperson hope to close a deal to make some money. A Quotation Software would do just the trick.

Generate estimates easily, quickly and accurately.

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Quotation To Invoice

Full Quotation and Invoice Integration. ERP systems are expensive for very good reasons. Firstly, It is a very complex software to build; Secondly, to build such a software, you require exceptionally good business domain knowledge.

Having data flow from one module to another seamlessly is not as easy as most people think they are.

But we have done it! Full Integration.

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Invoicing Software

Invoicing Software is Key and Vital to the success of any business. Money collection: The only way a business can stay profitable. With a software like this, not only does generating of invoices become easy, even collecting and tracking of money becomes easy!

If you have a Registered Paypal Account, our Invoice Module integrates readily with Paypal Payments! Get paid easily and instantly!

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Basic Accounting

If you are a little more trained in the skill of accounting, you may even do up your business accounts using our ERP Software Solution. Accounting is a part of this solution and you get it right out of the box!

You outsource your accounts? No problem! Create a user account for your accountant and send them to our Video Training Page to learn how they can start keeping your books using our software!

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Advanced Accounting

Ah yes. Some trades are not created equal. Some trades just come with much more complex accounting needs. For example: If you operate a mini mart, inventory can be a nightmare!

When was the last time you had your balance sheet balanced? Oops! most average businesses struggle to even tell you how much inventory they have.

Our Advanced Accounting creates all these complex entries for you automatically: GRNI, GDNI, AP, AR, and the lists goes on.

Average Costing, Cost Centre, Analytics Accounting... No Problem!

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POS System [Point Of Sale]

POS System [Point of Sale] is already almost the first thing any retail business owner would think of. There are indeed many options to choose from. However, when it comes to full integration with back end modules like Inventory and Accounts, many of these solutions suddenly drop off the radar.

Accentuate is proud to say that we are one of the few that are really good when it comes to fully integrated solutions.

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By now, you might already be able imagine the power of our reports with all these modules and data integrated into 1 big piece of information?

Our ERP Software uses drill down reporting to enable flexibility. Don't like to see data displayed by default? No problem, Re-group the data to your preferred grouping and filter out those that you do not want to see.

If it makes you happy, export it to excel and do your further manipulation from there!

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DO [Delivery Orders]

DO [Delivery Order] is among one of the most important document a business may generate. Many people do not understand the significance of it.

To get your client to sign on your DO is essentially passing on the product ownership to the client. From that point onwards, any damage to the product are to be managed based on company warranty, maintenance, or support policy.

For each moment that you are holding on to your client's product, you are responsible for its ability to function.

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Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management is by far one of the most tedious processes a company will have to carry out. Putting aside the physical demands that goes into the job description; This role carries the responsibility of safe guarding the company's asset and making sure that they are accountable.

Accountability both physically as well as in your books. Without a comprehensive system like Accentuate ERP, it is just too much work to do. This is the reason why mega companies has book keeping teams! If you are using our software, there is a high chance that you can reduce that team. Most  accounting entries are automated by our software!

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Warehouse Inventory Management

Some companies just doesn't stop growing. When you are on fire, you just don't know when to stop. You will continue to grow out of a Inventory Management Software and into a [WMS] Warehouse Management Software.

Not only do you need to keep your books and inventory in check, now you need to keep your warehouse in check!

Know every corridor, every shelve, every level, every bin! Where is your product?

If you have a 100 delivery order each day that requires "Product A", you would not want to go to that same shelf 100 times!

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Purchase Software

If every things else is automated, so should purchase. When we say automated, we really mean it!

Set up a re-ordering rule! So that when your product runs low in supply, the system triggers a purchase order for you!

No need to manually count to find out what is low in stock!

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Frequently Asked Questions

First of, we are not the Electronic Road Gantry that charges you money when you drive on a road. Hahaha!

ERP Solution is one of the most commonly misunderstood piece of software. Of course people don’t understand what ERP is all about! For the past 2 decades, ERP has always been a game for the rich and mega rich! Have you heard of SAP? Perhaps Microsoft Dynamics? Or maybe Netsuite? If you happen to know some of these names, you would know to stay out of the game if you dont have at least $500,000 to play with.

But we clearly don’t have to play that game! Now that Accentuate is here! We endeavor to bring the goodness of these systems to the Micro SMEs! Come on! Lets be honest about it. SMEs are small and have much less complex business processes and departments and probably much less complicated people too! (You know what I mean). And to be honest, it doesn’t take forever to deploy a system for SMEs, so there is no need for those exorbitant fees! Stick to our SAAS packages and you will be pleasantly surprised!

And! We guarantee you that by no means will your ERP system be any inferior to those of the MNCs! That I can guarantee! Because, we do have huge MNCs using our platform for business! We only merely decided that it is time that someone actually cared for SMEs.

In short, Accounting Software manages only Accounting related tasks. Some of the better ones do allow you to create quotations and manage inventory count. However, that's about it. These software are limited due to their lack of department segregation. For example: If you would like to have your salesman do up quotations independently, there is a high chance that such software does not allow you to control what they see. They will most likely be able to see all the business related figures.

An ERP Software on the other hand is particularly strong in several areas:
- User Access Control
Users will only be given the correct amount of access to see only what is required

- Department Control
Users will only be given functions and features that they are responsible for on a daily basis

- Business Process Flow
While many software can perform basic data capturing features and functions. Not all are made equal. Most would fall apart when we put it to the business process flow test. So what exactly is a business process? Business process is the flow of decision making from one person to another person and as this process flows, responsibility gets passed on to the next person.

For Example:
Telemarketer makes a cold call; Book an appointment for a sales person. The lead now gets passed on to the sales person who will now be responsible to follow up with the client and ultimately issues a quotation. Once the client has agreed on the pricing, the sales person would proceed to confirm the quotation and raise an invoice request. At this stage, a draft invoice will be triggered and the accountant would assume responsibility to confirm up the invoice and assign the correct chart of account for the sale.

In the above short example, we used a basic sales process to show you how each stage is being managed and handed over the the next person in-charge. This is business process flow and responsibility segregation. This is what an ERP Software is great at.

- Fully Integrated Business Modules
Having an end to end system like Accentuate ERP, allow seamless flow of data and information from 1 department to another without the need for double entry. When a sale is made and confirm, the warehouse department would receive a notification to reserve the relevant inventory.

Well, we would like to redirect the question back to you. Why not? The prevalent reason for companies to give Enterprise Software a pass is usually due to its forbidding prices.

The good news now is: With Accentuate ERP Software Solution, is pricing still an issue? Click here to find out more on our ERP Subscription Rates.

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Here's why. Its true that a 1 man show business will not be able to fully utilize our full solution with all the modules included. However, consider this. Your business will grow. And when your business grow, you will expand with employment; You will need to put some structures into the business, as well as to standardize the way your employees craft their documents. Such as Quotations, Invoices, Delivery Orders, Etc. What can be more professional than a software generated document?

Also, as you grow, you will start needing the features of the other modules. If you are already signed up to our ERP Packages, then you would have everything covered. There is no need for data migration. Can you imagine migrating your phone contacts to another phone without a proper syncing tool?

Imagine that pain now; Now you Multiply it by 100 times. That's how painful software migration is. Plus! It always come with a high cost.

If you require a scaled down version of our software until your business grow bigger, you should take a look at CRM for Small Business.

All training will be online. You will be given access to all our training videos when you become our client.

We do deploy ERP Consultants to SMEs on a on demand basis. Additional charges will apply.

However, we do suggest that you subscribe to our solution and watch the training videos before engaging our consultants. Our videos are really easy to understand and if you put in a little bit of effort, you will definitely be able to implement the whole system on your own.

Our consultants are our Solutions Architect. They range between 5 to 10 years of Software and Business Consulting experience.

Yes we do. These are arranged on a case to case basis. Independent quotations will be given to clients based on software specifications gathered. You may visit our Custom Software Development Company Page for more information.

Yes there are. You may submit a ticket via our website or you may start a chat to with us on our website.

Click Here To See Some Sample Training Videos

By watching some of our Training Videos, you will be able to gain some experience on our software. It is one of the best way to evaluate it!

Up Coming HRM Software

  • Employee Management

  • Department Management

  • eLeave Management

  • Payroll Management

  • Attendance Management

  • Timesheet Management

  • Visa Management

  • CPF Calculation

  • IR8A, IR8S

  • Auto Inclusion Scheme

  • Auto Bank Giro

  • Integration With All Modules

Our Testimonials

E-Alchemists LLP

Joseph Ho, Partner

The most cost effective Enterprise Resource Planning with high quality deliverable and a fantastic product available today in the market.

A-Trio Technologies Pte Ltd

Rodger, Managing Director

The fully integrated solution has enabled our company to achieve huge gains in productivity in our daily operations.

FNT Group Singapore

Ng Soo Kuen, Founder

Many sacrificed their personal time, working long hours to complete day-to-day jobs while continuing to dedicate a significant portion of their extended day to the ERP project. And, it goes without saying, the consultants in the team had to be top-notch communicators, and technicians.

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