Revamping a 220,000-member management system for the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)

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The Singapore Institution of Management (SIM) has stood as the country's leading private education and lifelong learning institution ever since its establishment in 1964. For 58 years, it has provided private tertiary education and professional training for many, attracting more than 220,000 members in the process. To manage the huge membership database, the institution needed a robust and effective membership management system.

Digitalisation: An easier way of management

Before digitalising, SIM had used traditional Excel spreadsheets to manage their membership data. However, they came to realise that managing such an extensive amount of membership information was not sustainable with such a method. SIM decided to digitalise the entire process for higher efficiency.

The intended revamp involved the internal sales, accounting and marketing departments. These departments had the following needs and requirements for the new system:

  1. An automated system that can manage the membership data and ePayments;
  2. A way to auto-synchronise online payments with its backend software; and
  3. An auto-renewal and auto-payment/collection feature within its membership system. 

Key Challenges

1.Membership Management

In the past, individuals had to be physically present at SIM to complete their membership registration. Thereafter, the signed hard copy forms had to be passed to the administrative staff for processing. This took up a lot of time and the registration process was slow. On top of that, certain additional membership services also required the individuals to be physically present at the counters. Such services ranged from payments, redemption of membership privileges to issuance of fees etc. To sum it up, the need for members to register and perform services physically at SIM had resulted in a lot of unnecessary time and efforts wasted, both for the members and the staff.


The account staff at SIM had been performing their accounting tasks manually. As such, a lot of time was spent on bookkeeping and invoicing. There were also human errors made during the manual accounting process as well, and this placed the data accuracy at risk. Accounting journals were also updated manually and staff had to constantly make an effort to check and ensure that the journals were updated.

Accentuate: An All-in-One Solution

SIM consulted Accentuate on their issues. Very promptly, an affordable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution was then proposed for SIM to address their problems.

Process Improvement

1. Membership Management

With Accentuate ERP, the sign-up process for new members became fully automated. Individuals need not make a trip to SIM anymore as they are now able to register for membership online. The administrative staff can complete the paperless registration processing directly and all information gets automatically transferred to their database.

In addition, most of the other membership services can also be performed online and digitally through the new Accentuate ERP system. As a result, efficiency improved significantly for the entire membership management services and lots of time was saved for both members and staff.

2. Accounting

Routine tasks such as invoicing and bookkeeping were all automated with the new system. The time required to complete accounting processes was therefore drastically reduced. Accentuate’s ERP system helped to eliminate manual paperwork and improved data accuracy greatly. With the system being directly integrated with DBS and OCBC, each financial transaction would also automatically trigger the accounting journals.

Productivity Leaps Through Accentuate

SIM accomplished a major productivity leap through the adoption of the new ERP system. Workflow efficiency was enhanced through elimination of numerous manual tasks. Overall customer experience was also improved with more convenience brought for the members. SIM achieved a big positive change with the digitalisation!

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