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ERP Training and CRM Training. Videos for your consumption; Learn at your own pace. After many years of being in the software industry, we have found out that most clients do not like to read user manuals.

Having understood that ourselves, we have decided to make a change from our traditional way of delivering training. We will stop giving user manuals and start giving videos. We managed to acheive tremendous result when we did this as clients are redistibuting these videos to their employees and they can learn at their own pace and watch those videos in their own free time.

If they have any more questions, they will compile them into an email and send it to us and we will reply with a video.

Similarly, you are allow to redistribute these videos to as many employees or friends as you like to. There is no restrictions to that.

Training Videos

CRM Modules

Customer Creation

How to create Customer & Supplier P1
How to create Customer & Supplier P2

Building and Managing Sales Process


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As Accentuate is building up our training video series; We are giving away another super offer! We will be sending our engineers to your office to give you face to face training! This offer will not last forever! We are doing this up till the point where we have a complete suite of training videos and it will most likely be 1st July 2018!

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Some Of Our Clients

These are some of our clients, ranging from micro SMEs to MNCs. We hope you may recognize some of them.