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Quotation Template will help you tremendously in the beginning when you are starting up your business. Accentuate has been through this stage of the business and we would like to offer a small token to you. I remembered that back in my days of starting up, I took several days to put together a proper quotation. And my layout changes over and over again as I figured out missing components to include.

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Components that are needed

If you are starting out new as a business owner, you might be wondering what is needed in a quotation and how can you can make your quotation look presentable and professional.

Here are some pointers to take note.

Your quotation must communicate a few ideas across:

  1. You know what you are doing and quoting to your clients
  2. You are professional and credible. [People will buy from you only if they trust you.]
  3. You need all the relevant credentials that prove your existence as a business or company.

Suggested components to include in your quotation. We crafted this list with the idea that we want to display professionalism through our document:

  • Your company Credentials
    1. Your Company Name
    2. Your Company Address
    3. Website URL if you have one
    4. Your email address
    5. Your mobile/ office number [Your prospect will appreciate if they know what number to reach you]
    6. Business Registration Number
    7. GST/VAT Registration Number [If you are collecting GST/VAT from your client]
  • You would want to address your client in this quotation too by including their details:
    1. Prospect Company Name
    2. Prospect Address
    3. Attention to: [Prospect Name]
    4. Position
  • Other items that should also be included in a quotation
    1. Quotation ID [This number has to be unique so that when we refer to a quotation ID, we know exactly which document we are referring to in our discussion.]
    2. Date
    3. Itemize your products [Your client would appreciate it if you are able to give them a clear understanding of how much each item cost]

The template provided above will give you an idea of how these items can be included in a document. I hope the document is useful to you.

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