Calling New Retailers! Get Automated GTO Submissions For Your Store!

Retailers who rent a store space within a shopping mall are required to submit a percentage of their monthly sales to the mall management as part of their rental cost. This requirement is referred to as the Gross TurnOver(GTO) and it is usually listed within the standard lease agreements when malls lease out their shop space. Why Must You Submit…

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How Cash Recycling Machines are Enhancing Retail Business

Cash Recycling Machine As our economy continues to develop and strengthen through digitalisation, automating operations and processes has become a necessary tool for businesses to remain competitive. Many have adjusted their ways of operating and have resorted to adopting new hardware and software in order to keep up with the changing needs. For retailers and F&B operators, perhaps one of…

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Revamping a 220,000-member management system for the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)

The Singapore Institution of Management (SIM) has stood as the country's leading private education and lifelong learning institution ever since its establishment in 1964. For 58 years, it has provided private tertiary education and professional training for many, attracting more than 220,000 members in the process. To manage the huge membership database, the institution needed a robust and effective membership…

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