Complex Unit Of Measure

Learn How Unit of Measure Simplifies Inventory Management

Buy And Sell In Different Unit

Knowing how many of an item is easy.

However, the complexity comes in when you are in the retail or distribution trade. For example, if you place an order of Coca-cola with your supplier, you don't send them a Purchase Order [PO] to buy 100 cans of those. You would most likely tell them how many cartons you want.

So if your PO is in cartons, how does the software know how many cans you are suppose to have when you receive the stocks? If it does not know how many cans you have, how does it keep track of your inventory?

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Increase Productivity

You should abuse the software's ability to automatically convert Units to your advantage. Reduce the amount of time you need for updating inventory.

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Unit Of Measure

The measure in which you define 1 pc or 1 unit. It is the way you count a product. For example, a unit can be any of the following:

  1. Piece
  2. KG
  3. CM
  4. Hour

It is a way of measuring how many of an item we have.

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